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Communication skills are universal and mandatory to business and career success

Most communication skills can be developed effectively in a group environment.
We provide a broad range of in-house communication programmes especially
designed for this purpose. They are highly interactive, based on proven techniques
and they utilise international communications research.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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Individual communication style: the DiSC
Behavioural style inventory

People communicate in an individual ways, yet we seem to expect others to communicate the same way as us! DiSC is very practical way of understanding your own communication style and its strengths and weaknesses.  It assists greatly in showing you how to understand other people's communication patterns.

Communication style: Understanding your communication style

The DiSC behavioural style inventory

DiSC enables you to analyse yourself and others, so you can modify your communication to suit. We teach you how to be a flexible communicator, so you can make the most of every environment.

Diversity in a group

  • Understanding your behavioural style
  • Pluses and minuses of your style in the team context
  • Working with other people's styles so you can make the best of the difference
  • The psychology behind the model
  • Your behaviour under pressure
  • How to quickly work out where other people fit in the system, so you can work best with them


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