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Each day we are faced with the challenge of change

Coaching moves learning and development away from a one-to-many model
to a one-to-one model. This allows for customised, flexible and confidential
development of key players in the organisation. It presupposes that the
answer to the challenge lies within the person that requires the change.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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Why coaching?

leadership coaching, training, presentation skills, public speaking, conflict, feedback, courses in wellingtion auckland and throughout new zealand Coaching helps people become more comfortable with new ways of leading and working. It provides the information, feedback, reflection and experience that give people the chance to explore whether their individual style of leading and working matches the realities or their environment.
Coaching is also a fit for a person who may have a very busy role that doesn’t give them enough time to participate in a group programme, or requires a high level of confidentiality that is required by senior management.
The coaching may work on overcoming a fear of public speaking, or working out how to influence key contacts, or finding ways to manage conflict.

Why use coaching rather than training?

Communicate has decades of experience providing training courses and know that generally they are designed to focus on the development of a specific skill. Training also works well when participants are at a similar level of development and have similar objective for the training program. This style of training does not provide the flexibility or focus on individual needs that coaching can provide.

Benefits to an Organisation

  • Can be linked to competency profiles
  • Helps motivate and retain your top performers
  • Helps assess and develop needs of poor performers
  • Requires minimum time away from work
  • Provides highly flexible structure and cost
  • Establishes positive feedback loops
  • Enhances communication with internal and external customers
  • Complements other improvement processes
  • Improves team dialogue and group effectiveness

Benefits to an Individual

  • Individual, personal coaching linked to their specific development needs
  • Direct access to experienced coach to help solve problems, resolve critical issues and make important personal and business decisions
  • Highly flexible structure, tailored to individual work patterns and best learning medium
  • Constructive support in making career development and transition decisions
  • Practical help in developing balance in home/work life and fulfilling personal potential
  • Useful identification and leverage of personal communication style and strengths
  • Clear feedback to overcome personal limitations that hinder relationships and achievement of strategic business results


How does the process work?

Coaching is a development process that involves helping the client to discover solutions to their issues. When an individual is involved in their own search for solutions they are generally much more committed to making change. As such coaching is a collaborative process.
Once goals have been established, coaching begins with discretion and confidentiality. Once coaching is completed, we stay in touch to ensure the process has produced the changes required.

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Success Story

"Participants on our courses have always rated Communicate Consultants very highly for the relevance of the content of their sessions and the professional way in which they carry out their work. Their sessions are lively and effective and a highlight of our programs."