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Real people offering real skills.

Theory works well – in theory. But communication isn’t about theory.
It’s about real people applying knowledge and ability in real life situations.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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About Us

22 years of training and development experience makes us experts in our field. In over two decades, we’ve worked across the government, corporate and professional services sectors; training and coaching people ranging from senior managers to raw recruits.

We practice what we preach and are involved in a wide range of communication initiatives. In our outside work time, we also serve on various boards and community committees. In 1998, Communicate was awarded the ITC Communicator of the Year to reflected and acknowledge our emphasis on good communication.

We are committed Kiwis. All our development programmes are highly practical and designed for the New Zealand environment. We also emphasise programmes that are well grounded in research, using the latest international techniques. To ensure that we are on top of our game, we read voraciously and maintain active involvement in both the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and the New Zealand Association of Training and Development.

While we come very different backgrounds, we can cover for one another without missing a beat. Each of us contributes uniquely to the synergy of Communicate and the quality of our services comes from the interplay of our skills.


Janine Gould

Janine Gould of Communicate, Leadership training, presentation skills, public speaking, Coaching, Wellington, New Zealand Janine enjoys the challenge of working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and is a dynamic and energetic facilitator.

“Her sessions are lively and effective and a highlight of senior management meetings”

Janine is accredited in the DiSC Behavioural Style Inventory and certified in the frameworks of the Conflict Resolution Network of Australia, where she is a member of a prominent Leadership Development team.

Janine also has a strong commitment to community affairs. She has been a President of Zonta Wellington and was a recent board member of Positively Wellington Tourism.


Call Janine on 0274 898 888 or email janine@communicate.co.nz


Penny Harrison

Penny Harrison of Communicate, Leadership training, Presentation Coaching, Public speaking, Auckland, New Zealand Penny has worked with a wide range of business groups for over 20 years. As well as having corporate and line management roles at Bank of New Zealand, she was also General Manager of an executive recruitment firm and General Manager of a brand and design company. Clients applaud her ability to deliver an enthusiastic and practical programme – with a particular emphasis on practising what she preaches.

Penny is accredited to the Myers Briggs Foundation and is a mentor for Project K – a community based organisation that works with young people to maximise their potential. In recent years, Penny has worked hard to balance a stimulating working life with her young family.

Call Penny on 027 281 9502 or email penny@communicate.co.nz

Success Story

"My needs were taken seriously and not questioned (as has happened on occasion) and I was fully included as part of the course but not picked out constantly. This can happen and often does, eg. "Now for Pam's benefit I'm putting a square in the middle of the whiteboard" Yuck! To what extent will this course help you perform your job more effectively? This course has been of enormous benefit to me already and I have no doubt it will assist me greatly, especially with all the presentations I am called on to do throughout the year."
(Government sector client)