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Penny Harrison
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Made to Order

Everyone's different ... and that's great. It's these differences that allow
us to succeed where others might not. We each have different strengths,
weaknesses and natural ability. This means that there is no formula for
success that can be applied to everyone. That's why it's best to talk
to us - so together we can work out the best way for you
to benefit from your time with us.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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We meet your requirements by tailoring flexible programmes across multiple competencies

Communicate has a diverse range of skills and a wide range of interests in our team and as such we enjoy creating a program of training and coaching that you don’t get in an off-the-shelf program.

Some of the areas where we provide specialist services include:


Presentation coaching

From planning to rehearsal, we can help you prepare for key business pitches. Make sure you create a great impression by talking to us first!

Strategic or day-to-day facilitation of meetings, workshops or conferences

We have vast experience facilitating events. You can use our knowledge to achieve the results you desire.

Leading and Motivating Others

Sometimes your communication needs to focus internally rather than externally.  Communicate can customise a program that combines skills such as leading effective meetings, providing negative feedback, motivating others, dealing with different personalities and building a team to win business.

Keynote speaking

If you need an entertaining professional speaker for your event, we have expertise across a range of stimulating communication topics.  We are experienced in speaking at in-house and public conferences.

For results that will work for you, talk to us. Have a look at our range of courses to get an idea of what we offer.

Success Story

"My needs were taken seriously and not questioned (as has happened on occasion) and I was fully included as part of the course but not picked out constantly. This can happen and often does, eg. "Now for Pam's benefit I'm putting a square in the middle of the whiteboard" Yuck! To what extent will this course help you perform your job more effectively? This course has been of enormous benefit to me already and I have no doubt it will assist me greatly, especially with all the presentations I am called on to do throughout the year."
(Government sector client)