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Communication skills are universal and mandatory to business and career success

Most communication skills can be developed effectively in a group environment.
We provide a broad range of in-house communication programmes especially
designed for this purpose. They are highly interactive, based on proven techniques
and they utilise international communications research.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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Difficult conversations/Conflict resolution

Most people mishandle difficult conversations - often because they fear conflict.  This programme focuses on helping you understand your typical conflict habits, with a view to improving your approach. It teaches the practical skills needed to manage difficult situations.

Conflict resolution:

Resolve that conflict

Conflict is natural part of work dynamics. When managed well, it can be a healthy part of the communication of a group. This programme teaches you how to direct conflict in a constructive direction.

Challenges in managing conflict

  • Problems and challenges in your role
  • Finding the pluses
  • What’s your communication style when in conflict
  • The crucial win/win model for approaching conflict
  • A hilarious conflict experience and its relevance to your work

The key skills for managing conflict

  • Using body language to help the situation
  • Active listening - the low-risk, high-value skill
  • How to get your message across
  • Asking questions constructively
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • How to handle difficult conversations

Adding some broader strategies

  • Looking for the long term goal
  • Looking at things from the other side's view
  • Finding and using the common ground
  • Altering your own perspective

Plan for putting the skills into action


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